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Friends living in different corners of the world. We write about our reflections, philosophical discoveries and thoughts every month. Read more about each of us below.

Verrel Wibisono


Hi, I’m Verrel, a medical student based in Jakarta, Indonesia. I am super into food, tech reviews and tennis! Sharing my findings with my friends about life, productivity and philosophy has always been a hobby of mine, so I thought it would be fun to share them here. I hope you enjoy the blog!

Dvij Sharma

Dvij Sharma


Hi, I'm Dvij, a liberal arts student based in North Carolina, USA. I balance my total inability to cook, dance and navigate roads by occasionally giving semi-wise advice (wow, that rhymes) to my friends. I'll be sharing my thoughts about life and its mysteries. Have a great time scrolling through this site!

Khalifa Maulana

Khalifa Maulana


Hey, hey, hey! I'm Khalifa, a Law student based in Coventry, UK. I'm a sucker for anything that involves a good compelling story and occasionally like to pop down to the gym. I have developed a budding interest in energy law & developments of sustainable clean energy. My philosophy in life is that the only person that you need to overcome is yourself. I'm excited to share my journey on the path of life with you all!

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