Hey! Welcome back to the blog! After much discussion and feedback we received, we’re excited to begin working on the blog with a more tailored and focused dialogue with international students, beginning with our very own International Student Survival Series!

International students in the UK and the US (where we are based currently) face a series of unique challenges to try and adapt themselves into the productive student lifestyle. We aim to create a short and brief toolkit designed to make your lives easier by addressing popular student topics such as accommodation, finances, networking, employability and general challenges adapting to life abroad. We would love to hear more about what else you’d like to hear more about so that we can read up on it. Through our culminated experiences, we want to inform you of and aimed at international students who want to make the most out of their time abroad.

We would also like to point you to our new LinkedIn page for updates as we begin to make the time for our new direction. Make sure to follow as we update you on any new developments on this platform. Even if you don’t find these collections of posts directly helpful, we hope you still enjoy nonetheless and put a word in for those who may find it useful!

Best wishes,
The Gen Z Philosophy Team

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