Hello! It has been a hot while since I have written anything, so I hope this post will suffice until I find something new to write about. I’m planning to churn a post out every week, so stay tuned for that. They probably won’t be that great but hey.

So recently I have been in a bit of a productivity slump. Admittedly, it has not been the easiest thing to get out of. There were many things I tried that failed, but hey, that is part of the process. Here are some things that I did find useful:

1. Acknowledge it

Weird one I know, but you have to recognise that you are in the slump first in order to get out of it later. When I first acknowledged how much of a wasteman I was being, I started to look for ways to solve my problem. In other words, I became way more solution-oriented instead of just feeling bad.

2. ‘Get to’ instead of ‘have to’ mindset.

Thanks go to Ali Abdaal, the productivity God, for this one. Whenever there is something I need to get done, I try to change my mindset from ‘I have to do this’ to ‘I get to do this’. This small change in perspective, from task to privilege, helps me appreciate how meaningful the things I do are and actually lets me enjoy the process of doing them. This makes me more likely to get things done and do them well.

Ali’s Video on Discipline and Enjoyment

3. Go outside.

Go for a walk or jog or run or whatever. Just go outside. Fresh air and sunlight can do wonders for your health and creativity – you never know what you might draw inspiration from when you go outdoors.

4. Socialise and find an accountability group.

This depends more on the person, but I personally found that talking to others and working alongside them on a zoom call helped me be more productive. I felt more accountable when I saw others working hard and was more likely to work hard too.

5. Create small wins.

Sometimes you just need a little motivation. List simple things and check them off as you go. Build on it and keep doing things that are working. When you find rhythm and routine, productivity is easy.

6. Get enough rest and sleep.

I like to rest my mind with meditation and mindfulness, but you can read a book, cook food or do any other hobby you like. Length and quality of sleep are also crucial. Try to get enough sleep as well as limit screen time and caffeine before bed. You will know you had a good night’s sleep when you wake up refreshed and energised.

Thanks for reading! If there’s anything I missed feel free to comment down below!

Have an awesomely productive day.

– Verrel

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