Yes, you. You should start a blog. Even if you’re not a writer, and especially if you’ve been toying with the prospect of starting one but haven’t gotten around to doing so. There are just so many benefits to starting a blog, so why not start now? If you’re thinking: “what would people think of me?” and “do I really have the audacity to label myself a ‘blogger’ with my sub-par writing skills?” then you aren’t alone. When I started this blog with a few of my friends, I was doubtful over what other people would think and whether or not I had the natural talent to write sumptuous pieces.

A common problem is that we tend to go about our lives thinking that there is always a spotlight trained on us, and so we think that everyone else is always thinking about every move we make. This stops us from opening new doors and trying new things.

The reality is that no one cares. Think of it this way: everyone has their own spotlight. Everyone is more concerned about what is going on in their own lives than whether their friend or family member has started a blog. Whether you start a blog or not, people will not care.

A lot of us also tend to let perfectionism get in the way of materialising big plans. We fear that if we are not good enough, there is no point starting in the first place. But we are all humans, and we can all improve. Starting a blog doesn’t require you to be a skilled writer, but it can definitely turn you into one.

If you’re not convinced yet, here are a few other reasons why you should start a blog:

  1. It’s fun – especially if you write with friends, because you can bounce ideas off each other and learn new things about them.
  2. You will become more creative – if you haven’t started your creative journey yet, a blog might just be the place to start.
  3. You become a better communicator.
  4. It can encourage you to build a second brain.
  5. It is an easy way to market your business and open new opportunities.
  6. With incremental improvements and time, it can eventually make money.

What’s your first blog post going to be about?

Have an awesome day.

– Verrel

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