Blogging is incredibly fun. If you’re reading this, you likely already have a blog, but if you don’t, why not start one? I previously mentioned on this blog that with incremental improvements and time, a blog can eventually make money. One way to achieve that is to get it on Google’s Adsense program, which allows you to put advertisements on your website and monetise it. The really great thing about Adsense is that it doesn’t matter what you write about on your blog, you’ll make money as you long as you get traffic. Let’s talk about how to get on Adsense.

1. Build and host a proper site for your blog

This one is especially important for new blogs. Start with a good website that can be accessed from all kinds of devices, and runs 24/7 with no problems. I initially started this website and hosted it from my own personal computer at home, but came to realise that this was not great for my energy bills and made my home network and computer vulnerable to attacks.

I quickly moved the website to Hostinger, which made hosting the website really easy (they have really good customer service), and it was incredibly affordable for a student like me! If you would like to check them out you can click here (using this link will get you 20% off and help support the blog as well!).

2. A proper user interface

The next thing we need is a clean interface that can be easily navigated by readers. That means no shady links, un-clickable buttons, or misleading headers. To start off with, I would recommend using existing themes or templates, such as the ones available with WordPress or other website builders, and working from there. Try and make the site as professional and organised as possible, both for Adsense and for your readers.

Here’s an additional step I would recommend: check your site on pagespeed. Make sure your website is clean and de-cluttered, and that load times are good. Plugins that help optimise your website, such as autoptimize, are available to make your site super fast. Remember: user experience is really important to Adsense!

3. Important pages and disclaimers for Adsense

This is something that I believe really helps with increasing the chances of getting accepted onto Adsense. Pages that are important for the website are:

  • a contact us page – with sufficient contact details for enquiries or feedback
  • a privacy policy page – very important for disclosing what information is collected, and what information is used, i.e. to display personalised ads
  • a terms and conditions page – very important for disclosing rules for website visitors, regarding your content, cookies, social platforms/commenting etc.

If you need help with creating these pages, I would suggest searching on Google for some templates, and then editing them to suit your needs, such as with termsfeed. When your blog gets really serious, you can think more about these pages or hire an expert to help you.

4. Write, write, write!

Don’t expect to get your blog on Adsense straight away. Believe me, it took this blog several tries and several months to get there. You need to write a lot of posts (my guess would be around 50) with sufficient quality, for Adsense to believe your site is worthy of acceptance. That means write lengthy, original pieces with no copied material! I also believe that your site has to have a minimum age (maybe 3 months), for it to be trusted by Google. That said, don’t get too hung up on getting your blog on Adsense during early days. Just have fun writing!

5. Apply for Adsense

Applying for Adsense is super easy, just click here and follow Google’s process to create an Adsense account. Adsense requires adding a little bit of code (provided by Adsense) into the header of your website – if you are using Hostinger and WordPress, here is a nice tutorial on how to do it! Once the code is in, all you have to do is wait for Google to check your site. Good luck!

And that’s all from me for now, I hope this was helpful! You can always contact me if you have any questions! Till then, happy blogging!

– Verrel

Featured image by on Unsplash

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Right. After this read, I reckon I fancy me chances at getting on adsense 😁🙏.

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