Studying a full-time degree doesn’t leave as much leisure time as you’d hope. Especially in the times where a global pandemic has seemingly pervaded every corner of existence, it’s hard to find a hobby that doesn’t involve wanting to socialise with your friends. Gaming was originally a majority of what I did, and for good reason. Those stunning visuals and engagement do get you sucked in for hours. Though it comes with its benefits, it definitely does come with its downsides. Breaking the habit of getting sucked into a game after Christmas break is definitely difficult, and it’s still a work in progress.

However during lockdown , I developed a minor hobby of sketching. As I’m relatively new to the world of art, dipping in and out is quite easy for me to do. Art experts will probably scowl at me through the screen for doing so, though. Seeing the pencil strokes slowly blossom from streaks of grey lines to something tangible and something you visualised gave me a sense of satisfaction that I hadn’t really experienced before, similar to the revitalised feeling I get when I beat a world boss in my video game. To open up the avenue of a lot more blogs to come, I’d like to introduce you to some of my best works from lockdown. I am still an amateur though, so please don’t be too harsh.

That’ll be all from me for now. See ya then!

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